Installation View

“Rubik’s Cube” 
Solo Show at Rothschild Fine Art 
Tel Aviv, Israel

Annual Summer Exhibition
Group show at The Fitzrovia Gallery 
London,  2021
Curated by The Hamstead Art Society

The permanent collection at the Israeli Presidential Residency 
Jerusalem, Israel

“Rock, Paper, Scissors”
Solo Show at Rothschild Fine Art
Tel Aviv, Israel

Group show at The Kuppferman Collection
Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot, Israel, 2019
Curated by Iddo Markus

“The Culture Palace”
Sculptures by Rotem Amizur
Painting by Hadas Weiss
Gate 3 Gallery
Haifa, Israel, 2015

“Final year show”
Jerusalem Studio School
Jerusalem, Israel, 2012

Wing Gallery
Haifa, Israel, 2013

Commissioned work
Haifa, Israel, 2017

“Artist Wall”
Wing gallery
Haifa, Israel, 2014